Saturday, October 16, 2010


       I had a couple of really great weeks and then i just kinda slipped off the points watching wagon. I have gained back 2 and a 1/2 pounds. I havent been going to the Gym faithfully either. When my computer died i lost all my weight loss data, and my food jouranl. I have to buy a cable to connect the old hard drive to my new pc to get it all back but finances are really tight for a couple of more weeks and that just isnt gonna happen any time soon. Quitting smoking has been a struggle too. I started taking Chantix again and it is helping with the cravings and my dreams are very vivid but i still have a cigarette every once and awhile. sigh. I need to go back and remind myself why i am doing all of this.
     I tried on some of my Garb for war since i have an event coming up in a few weeks and my weight loss has made it so some of my outfits actually look pretty good. You can actually tell I have somewhat of a waistline now.  I also went to the fabric store and bought some flannel to make some skirts, im exploring getting into a scottish style of dress. Southern Crusades is in 4 weeks and I hope i can have my new outfits by then. My friend/seamstress lives kinda far but I will make the 150 mile round trip just to get my outfits made. 
      Work is going pretty well I'm kinda getting into a routine figuring out who needs my help and who doesnt. Everyone is really good at their jobs and most of the time I have to find things to do, since I really hate to be bored.  One of the girls really wants my help so she can catch up on her paperwork and filing so im going to concentrate on helping her next week.
     Hopefully by my next blog I will be out of this funk and back on track. Take care folks!