Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey Everybody!

Hey It's been awhile since I last wrote my blog!
4 weeks to be exact. I have lost 6 pounds since then and am quite happy with how things have been going. I am due to check my measurements at the end of this week but I have 2 parties I am attending so it probably wont happen until Monday at work. 
I have officially left Weight Watchers behind.  I am sure if I had given it more of a chance I could have figured it out and made the plan work for me, but I found that with Sparkpeople it is just as easy to manage my calories and weight, plus a whole lot more on their website. Most of all It is FREE! So I am saving $50. bucks a month. Which is going in the gas tank so forget having too much fun with that. 
Been Sweatin' my behind off, I hope!
I have also decided to get a little more serious about my workouts. I added in a 15 to 20 minute walk on my lunch hour, then on M, W, F I do one of my cardio DVD's at home in front of the TV. I have Tae Bo, Walk Away The Pounds, and Core Rythms latin dance. Then on Tu, Th, and Sat I go to the Gym and do Strength training on the weight machines. Theoretically, anyway, that is the plan. I don't always get all of that in but I try to be faithful to it!
Tunes! Yay!
So last blog I asked if any of you had any ideas of how I could make my workout less boring. I discovered on my Crackberry something called Slacker Radio. Yay! What a cool little thing. I put that on and go for my workouts and jam out to some upbeat music. Oh and my taste in music is expanding. I dont think I have ventured out of the Classic Rock Genre in many many years. So some of the songs you guys have been loving for over 10 years now, I am just discovering. One of the songs I have found especially inspiring is the unedited version of "Fucking Perfect" by PINK. I sometimes need a reminder that I am perfect just the way I am and if anyone says less than that can kiss my Ass even me. Well I still have to get my body in shape and healthy but hey we all need to be reminded we are worth it! Nobody is going to like or appreciate me if I don't like and appreciate myself, and if they do I wont believe it possible until I believe it of myself.  
To date or not to date?
So I have really been thinking of putting more of an effort into going out and meeting some guys. Get out into the dating world. It's not like I am not available for dates now, I just don't make it easy for men to approach me. A lot of that is my self esteem. I am working on the parts of me that I feel are in need of repair physically, so why not work on the part of me that is emotionally unsure of herself. I can play at, flirt with, and have short meaningless relationships really easily. That's not what I'm talking about. I want to find someone to get serious with. I waited a long time to make sure my head was on pretty straight before embarking on this endeavor, 11 years to be exact. I have never been married and I am looking at the possibility of doing that or finding someone just to share my life with, to have fun with, I think it's time.  I don't plan to rush into anything but I am learning to be more open about it. 
So tell me....What's your opinion of dating websites?
I think I will just leave it at that for now. ttys!