Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sneaky little things.....

Sugar. <----- See that word?
So Gregg and I were shopping for things at the Grocery store and one of the items we were looking at are Sweetners because we are no longer trying to eat Sugar or even high fructose corn syrup.
So looking for something in bulk we grab a package of Truvia.
Good size looks like it should last a awhile, Yay! Right? Not so much. See I didn't read the darn package. See those words "Baking Blend Truvia natural Sweetener with Sugar" The little bugger contains Sugar. Sigh! So all the things I made with it contained sugar. Mind you not copious amounts, and no it didn't stall my weight loss, but I am sure it is having an effect on my blood glucose levels. Sigh! lesson learned
I have since gone back to the store and bought the smaller package of Truvia without the sugar blend. Jeez. I  have no Idea how I am going to get rid of the other package but I spent way too much money on it to just throw it away. Oh well!
I've managed to keep my food intake to normal portions, enjoy some wine on occasion and I am still losing weight. This weeks loss is -2 lbs. :) I have been pretty good about going to the gym 4 days a week and not skipping it. I do compromise with myself though, meaning when I don't want to go or don't feel like it I go anyway and do either a shorter workout or lower impact. This way I still get my body moving instead of just sitting on my arse.  Seems to be helping.  
I not only got on the scale today but it's the first of the month and it was time to check my measurements.
Waist ~ lost 3 inches
Hips ~ lost 1 inch
Arms ~ lost 1 inch
Making progress!! 
I'm reading Wheat Belly now and it's only solidifying the fact that I never want to eat wheat/breads/pastas ever again. I have people look at me and say that there is an argument for everything and your believing this one so seriously, why? It could be just one Doctors opinion vs the whole country and history of medical professionals in the latter part of this century. Well they're right it could be, but I can't deny the fact that I feel better. I no longer need to take pills for acid reflux. I no longer have horrible mood swings and hate life in general once a month. My blood sugars are coming down, my vision has not blurred in weeks and my clothes fit better. I just smile and think to myself, you'll see in a few months where I am and where you are and who's feeling/looking better and who is not. 
Life's been busy at work. I've been able to help out in the back office some this past week and I have loved it. I miss doing that kind of work. Being a Front office girl is not my first choice, but I do it. It brings in the paycheck every 2 weeks.  My Son is taking a big step in life soon and I couldn't be more proud of who he has become. Can't wait to see where he goes from here. 
Off into the next week I to you later!!