Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I finally reached it! minus 10lbs!

Boy were there some ups and downs. I was worried about today because the last 2 weeks were not so good with gains, but I did good. The loss for today was a total of -2.8lbs put me right over that little goal I was reaching for. Now to aim for my 10 % goal of -23 pounds will take me to 207 lbs.  I figure if I get down to the nitty gritty and get in some workouts, watch my alcohol intake it shouldn't take me more than a couple of months to get there. Though I'm not putting a time limit on it, I'm just going to reach for it and keep on with it no matter what. So as you see in the picture above I got a Ribbon for my efforts from WW. They give you little things like this, a ribbon for every 10, a key chain for your 10% charms for sticking it out and reaching other goals. So it will be fun to see those as i get them. 
So I went a bought me a bike, nothing fancy just the Kmart special on sale for $79. bucks. 
I've gotten on it 3 times so far. I really need to prioritize some time to go riding. I can always think of something else I could be doing, ya know?! So far I am enjoying it though. I used to go walking on my lunch hour but it is starting to get too hot to go. I know 82 degrees isn't that bad but I do have to work the rest of the day and don't wanna stink to high heaven all afternoon. So in an effort to replace that walk I plan to ride my bike in the evening. At least at home I can clean up afterwards. I just got permission to go over to my friends house and use his workout machine, i think it's an elliptical, but not positive.  Plus, he lives close enough to ride my bike to and from! I'm excited, Yay!
Hello Kitty!
I had a really crappy Monday yesterday. So much so that one of my patients from work felt like doing something nice to cheer me up. She sent me an Edible Arrangement. AWE! Made my day. I totally wanted to cry but you will never see me do that! Not at work. ever. I saw the delivery guy walk in and thought the delivery was for another one of my coworkers cuz it was her birthday. So I asked who he was looking for and he said "Judy" I was like WHAT?! thinking in my head who would do this for me? So trying not to tear up I signed for it and ran back to my desk. I called the patient and thanked her. She really and truly made my day! Too bad it wasn't from a certain guy sigh!  
Maybe someday.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holding the frustrations at bay and not giving up!!

One day I'll get it right!
I try and I try and I try but I am always having fun with friends and my weight loss journey hits speed bumps. I am in week 8 and down 8 pounds. I know 1 pound a week is good but honestly I've been going the wrong direction for 2 weeks now. It's the beer and good food. I know it is. I keep telling myself I can do this and Believe me I try but I waver or I don't count what I'm eating until after the fact and It costs me. So last week I gained 0.6lbs and this week I gained 1.2lbs. Today (Wednesday) Starts my week over and I am going to do my best to track my food first so I know going in just how much I am going to consume and I will make good chioces!
Oh and to my "FRIENDS" stop being so discouraging by saying "you're hanging around the wrong crowd for that" or "why are you drinking that crappy low calorie beer" or "dont you like my food" it just is not supportive and makes me feel guilty. Even though I know it shouldn't. I also don't want Food Police for friends. If I say no just accept it and don't take it personal. OK? Thanks!
On the bright side...
I bought a bicycle! It's nothing special just a bike from Kmart that cost me less than $100 bucks. I know I am not ambitious enough to go out and ride more than a mile or two right now but it is more than I was doing. I miss Riding with my Krusty Pirate, he is a lot of fun to hang with, but he moved away and now I'm going at it alone. I am sure I can find someone who will go with me but for now I'm happy to ride alone. I have a couple of friends who live within a mile or two so I have destinations and not just random wandering, that's fun too sometimes don't get me wrong. I bought the bike cuz it's starting to get hotter out there during lunch hours and my walks are not going to be an option soon. Been thinking of lugging my laptop to the office and doing a workout video in the spare room we have there. We'll see how it goes....
Everyday life, work and fun.....
Work is changing my Position in the office a bit. I will no longer be working with the PA, but with Dr. L instead. I am kind of looking forward to it. It will be a challenge and my hours will change a bit but I like him and we seem to work well together. Definitely going to be busier in some respects though.
Met some new friends at Estrella War a few weeks ago and have been having a good time getting to know them. My other good friends also started a dinner club including the new friends and the first event was a great success! We had lots of fun, good food, everybody brought a dish and made it there. It was awesome! Going to do that again soon.....and I'm going to plan for it better this time! Though I don't think it was that particular night that did me in, I believe it was the night before that did that, I will have to choose one night a week to have that kind of fun and not twice a week.
Attention from a boy!
Yep, me, someone thinks I'm cool to hang with and is paying attention to me a lot lately. I'm flattered and glad I have someone to spend time with. I have been alone for a long time and well.......it's nice. No not calling it a relationship or labeling it yet just enjoying each others company for now.
So that's what's up in my life. Looking forward, staying positive, looking for ways to make this work and keepin on keepin on.....<3 U All!