Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi Everybody!!
Yes I am finally getting to my blog!
What a busy first month at work. I have totally enjoyed most of it. LOL. There is one doctor there who does things in such a bassakwards way that it is really frustrating to work with him.  I still have to do it so I am considering it a challenge and I will master his way of doing things, no matter how stupid or old fashioned they are. So there!
I went through a 2 week period were i gained .4 then the next week i gained .6. Then I got really focused again and watched the intake of alcohol and food, Lo and behold I lost 6 pounds! Holy Smokes! I was sooo excited. Then I had a week of missing out on my workout. Last week I only went 1 time, yes I said once. Jeez! Everytime I needed to go I had another obligation to take care of or I was just goofing off or slightly hungover and skipped. So again this week is going to be focusing on Workout and not so much on other people.  I figure if they are my friends they will understand that I am going to skip ladies night or not spend so much time at it. I can go out on other nights too!
I did a stoopid thing! I started smoking again! Im such a doob sometimes. Now I have to quit all over again. Like it wasn't hard the last 6 times I did it. Totally being sarcastic can you tell!
On the social front.......I went to a Goth Club for Transylvania night last friday. It was kinda interesting to see some of the outfits. One guy even had a black cloak and a big skull mask on. It was really cool. Still not my kinda thing but it was fun to hang out with some of my friends that I dont get to see very often. Not to mention the Dancing. I love to dance!
The weekend before that we had a family gathering at my sisters house which was really fun. We made mexican food, drank, and went swimming. I thought I was done swimming though and got dressed. Silly me, I should have known I wasn't done when my Brother, Son, and Brother~in~law threw me in the pool! Gotta love them though it was all in fun. Right up until the point when i realized I had my Blackberry on me! Sheez! Luckily I had a back up phone until I could replace it. I got my replacement phone today, YAY! This makes me very happy! It's charging!
Not much happening on the Romantic front. I decided to let the guys come to me instead of me going for them. If they are scared maybe I should wait for the one who isn't scared of approaching me. We'll see how that goes!
Well that's all folk's!
Talk to you again soon.
by the way I lost another 2.3 today!!

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  1. I lied I dont know how to do math. My loss this week was only 1.3 still a good loss though! LOL