Sunday, May 8, 2011

22 Years, 11 Years, & 5 Months!

Happy Mother's Day!
So today I am a mother of a handsome 22 year old Man. Robert. His Birthday is actually Thursday the 12th then it will be 22 years officially. I love him very much and am VERY proud of him. 
Here he is Rockin out on his guitar! Such a handsome talented man! Im so proud. 
That signifies the 22 years as a mom! So What's the 11 Years you ask?
Today I am officially 11 years Drug Free!
Yup Today 11 years ago I checked myself into a 1 year program at a Faith based Rehabilitation center for people with life changing problems. TEEN CHALLENGE OF FORT WORTH TX. There I learned the difference between right and wrong again, what it means to have a personal relationship with God, how to feel loved and like i belonged, that I am a precious life that deserves to live, and be happy. Woo Hoo! It was the best thing I ever did!
I had even quit smoking and if I hadn't picked that darn nasty habit up again 2 1/2 years ago it would be 11 years for that too, but alas...
5 Months No Smoking!
Woo Hoo! I did it again! 
Yup I had to go through the whole darned process again. 
*smack me please if i ever do it again*

I'm losin' it!
Ok so when I started this venture to lose weight I weighed in at 238. I am down to 218 as of this past Monday. I will weigh in tomorrow and hopefully be down even more. We will see. I am having some struggles with this. It can be a challenge to keep my hand to mouth action in check but I am getting better at it. Keeping track of my calorie intake has helped me a Lot. Sparkpeople has been really neat for that and for the community of support I am building there. I ordered "The Spark" It's a book about......hmm well to be honest I'm not positive what it all entails but it should help me in the area of improving my dietary habits, and hopefully better learn to lose weight. I already know a lot on the subject but you never know what else you can learn if you don't get out there and research it more. So I'm going to read it and see if it helps. I am trying to stay focused and keeping my mind on the subject is key to my success. I am determined to have lost a significant amount of weight by the 1st of next year. Hopefully 50 pounds. So we'll see. I'm trying.
Parties Galore!
Oh my gosh there seems to be no stopping me! This social butterfly is just a flapping her wings. I have gone to more parties. First was the Bizarre of the Bizzar party. We all dressed in our costumes and had a blast, watched some belly dancing, enjoyed good music and good friends. Then there was a friends house warming party where we actually did a Maypole.

 I had never done one and It was totally fun! It is always great to see friends lives changing for the better as well. As I mentioned earlier my Son's birthday is coming up. We celebrated his Birthday yesterday with my Brother in law who's birthday was last week. They threw a Sumo Wrestling Match of Death Party last night. We had a blast!
That's me in the Red and my friend Jackie coming at me in the blue!  Sooo Much fun!
I thought I did pretty well keeping track of my intake during these events but it is still hard at times. I am getting better at planning out what I am eating and watching what I eat. I know I didn't eat like I used to but still didn't succeed at being where I needed to be calorie wise.  One party at a time I will get better. 
A couple of weeks away we are renting a theatre and dressing up in medieval garb/pirate outfits and watching the new Pirate's of the Caribbean movie, then Highlands War is next month, so I had better get this learning to eat at parties and events thing down soon. 

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