Sunday, March 4, 2012


Here I am again, I know, Will I ever get to my goal? God I hope so! 1 & 1/2 weeks ago I decided to recommit to Weight Watchers. I officially weighed in at 230 pounds. So I gained back a few. My 5% goal is to reach 218. I lost 4 pounds in the first week. So, so far, I'm doing well. I have chosen Tuesday night as my meeting night but don't log my weight into the WW tracker until Wednesday morning. I wanted the tracker to start my week on Wednesday not Tuesday so that's why I don't officially enter my weight until Wed even though I weigh on Tuesday night. Makes sense to me so that's how I'm doing it. I have decided to pay for the WW meetings so that I have the accountability and support of the people and my leader. They all seem very nice.
Party Girl!
Yeah you know me forever the social butterfly. It has not stopped. I am having to learn to plan out my parties and camping events with much care. Also my alcohol intake. I can drink on WW but I most definitely have to watch the amount I consume. In my first week back to WW I had 2 happy hours to get through on Friday night, a Costumed party on sat night, and the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. It was a little tricky to get through but I did it and still managed to lose weight. So Woo Hoo for me!
Estrella War is coming up at the end of this month. I truly have my work cut out for me on this one. I will be away for 5 days and have to plan out the entire trip of food, drink and fun. Lucky for me the campsite is pretty big and I will be doing a great deal of walking. This will totally help me out as far as calorie burning. I pretty much think I have the weeks menu planned with lean meats, stirfry veggies, Yogurts, Hummus and Veggie trays, and things like that. We are doing a Steak and Potatoes Night and I plan on bringing my Sweet Potato for that! Lots of Fruit for snacking as well. So I pretty much have that covered. Now to remember to say NO to all (okay Most) the offerings of "hey try my mead, I brewed it myself" or just take tiny little sips of them. Some of them are really really good though. Plus I will be one of those people as I have made my own cordials to pass around too!
I'm back and will be again sharing my journey with you as well as my life. I will write to you again next week with week 2 weigh in results.

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