Sunday, January 19, 2014

Living Low Carb and Trying to lose weight.

 Sounds easy, right? NOT!!
I've been at this Way Of Eating (woe) now for 6 weeks. I lost a little over 8 pounds and then nothing. Yup no losses for 4 weeks straight, after that first week. What the hell?! Sure I felt better than I have in years and my blood sugars are somewhat better, though there was room for improvement there too. What's a girl to do? I'm reading away on Facebook on an LCHF group and Reversing Diabetes group. I see things like "Red wine is ok in reasonable amounts" or "eat until you're full" and my favorite "don't worry about calories as long as your macros  (ie: 75% fat 20% protein 5% carbs) are within range and you're in ketosis you'll be fine". HA <-----
Ummm, Yeah, NO!
At least for me that is not the case. Believe it or not you can be in ketosis and not lose weight. Here are some reasons why I was not losing weight.  
One, some people don't tolerate dairy and it can cause you to stop losing weight. 
Two, more than  glass of wine every night can cause a stall. 
Three, too much food on the plate, sheer volume can be a culprit. Four, no exercise not even in your normal everyday routine like running around at work, like me I have a desk job, can hold you back. 
Five, the obvious other reason might be that you're still drinking regular beer, sneaking in some sugars here and there and not completely committing to the way of eating can be detrimental too. 
I'm Bound and Determined to do this and Succeed. 
I cut out heavy whipping cream except in food recipes. No longer put it in my coffee and no longer make cream cheese fluff. Sigh, I loved that stuff. Started eating dinners of protein fat and veggies eliminating cheese and cream. Mind you once or twice a week is probably ok, for me. Less food on the plate, yup I said it. I cut my portions down quite a bit and believe it or not I haven't gone hungry. Felt very satisfied with my meals. One glass of wine once or twice a week, and NO not a 10 ounce glass, maybe 5 or 6 oz if that much. I also got off my Ass and went to the Gym 4 days this past week. Hoping and praying that darn scale will tell me a lower  number than before. 
It did! I lost 3.4 lbs.
My blood sugar levels were hanging on for dear life at 175-190 fasting. I've been eating better, drinking less alcohol, taking Januvia, and yet it wouldn't go lower. This is of course all before I changed my portions and started exercising. Talked to Doc told him I should probably go back on Metformin and hope that since I'm eating better that I won't have the GI upset that it can cause. He's wanted me on it since November but I refused. So I was given Metformin 500mg to take twice a day along with the Januvia once in the morning. My Blood Sugars are now in the 130's fasting in the morning. I am also not having an issue with the side effects I mentioned. :) Yay!
I am making progress, feeling better everyday and enjoying discovering new Recipes. Here is one I made today found it on the web. I was wanting a substitute for bread and I found it. 

Did I accomplish any of my goals from last time?
Well I haven't switched to the no poo method of shampooing my hair, but still thinking of it. I did change the amount of alcohol and dairy. As for the only weighing myself once a month? um yeah, I went back to once a week. I couldn't help myself. 
Goals for the near future. I think I'm just going to enjoy playing with new recipes and just COOK.
 I love cooking!
Until next time my friends!

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