Friday, January 3, 2014

Finally through the Holiday Season!

1st Month on LCHF done!
So how did I do you ask? In my opinion I did ok. Not spectacular but I remained in Ketosis. I slacked off on food tracking so I don't have actual numbers but I did check the keto stix several times to make sure I was staying in ketosis. Life got busy. First we had Christmas Cookie decorating day. We get together and do up 5 batches of cookies for the season to enjoy and share. Typically I will break one or three "accidentally" so that I have no choice but to eat it. This year I did not touch a single one with my tongue nor did I lick any of the frosting off my fingers or utensils. 
 I must say! *pat myself on the back*
On night in there my friends threw a Cards Against Humanity Party. Seriously how we accomplished playing with 20 players I have no idea but it was fun! Love that game. I was pretty well behaved as far as food choices went, I think I ate more celery that night then ever in my life! I did however have Red Wine, it's a good Lchf choice just not in large quatities. I don't think I drank more that a couple of glasses and I did alternate with water often.  
The next challenge was Christmas dinner. Mexican food including homemade tortillas, enchiladas, tamales and cheesecake.  I planned for this one by making low carb tortillas from a website I found.( I also made a low carb cheesecake and took that so I had options. I did pretty well. Instead of the enchilada I had a bowl of the chili with cheese and an egg on top. It's a New Mexico thing, the egg that is. I did have a small tamale and I used my own tortillas. The only thing that I did indulge in more than is considered reasonable is the Red Wine. We never got around to the cheesecake so I ended up just using that as my fat bomb over the next week. Worked out pretty good. As for New Years Eve, I drank some more Red Wine and sipped a smidgen of whiskey and then switched to water for the remainder of the night. So all in all not too shabby. I'm staying focused.  
So what did all this diligent work on my part get me?
As of today I am down 8.2lbs and have lost 1 inch on my waistline. 
Not excellent but worth a high five for sure! 
I know that for 2 weeks in there my weight fluctuated/stalled and I have no idea what was responsible. You see I started consuming more dairy that could cause problems. I also started my monthly water retention issue so that could have played a role. Then of course there is the Wine factor, too much can cause a stall. On top of that I also acquired a UTI. So jeez! Can there be anything else for me to deal with?! So no telling what was the real cause, just going to have to move on to what is.
I also have discovered my Soy allergy is causing another issue. It's in my Shampoo of choice. So I am considering going to the "no poo" method using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Haven't made the switch but will soon. I am also not real sure that my facial moisturizer is soy free either so I am thinking of switching to Coconut oil for my skins health as well, not just on my face but as a lotion type of treatment. I'll have to let you know how that works out. 
My plan for this coming month:
1)  I have decided that I am only going to Weigh in and record my weight once a month. This doesn't mean I won't step on the scale in between just that I'm only keeping track once a month on the 2nd. I started Dec. 2, 2013.
2)  I am going to lay off the alcohol in larger quantities until I am at my goal. I am not giving it up just limiting my special occasions where I indulge more that usual and stick to only Red Wine. 
3)  I am going to back off on the amount of dairy I am consuming and incorporate more Vegetables into my diet.
4)  Going to try out a fat fast as well.
5)  Will try using Coconut oil as a moisturizer. 
6)   Once I purchase the stuff, going to give the "no poo" method a shot for shampooing my hair.

That's a lot of goals! Wish me luck! 

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  1. Great Job are staying focused... a major key to any success story....I Love You and support you 100%