Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week1 is complete on LCHF.

I lost 2.6 pounds!
It's has certainly been a learning experience. During the first 3-4 days I had a headache, mainly due to the sugar withdrawals. It took some getting used to drinking my coffee black with no sweeteners, never mind coming up with ideas for what to eat with what I already had in the fridge. Somewhere around day 4 Gregg noticed a monumental shift in my moods, and the next day so did my coworkers. For the first time in a long time I am happy. I feel better than I have in about a year. I truly believe that the change in diet had everything to do with it.

Grain Brain by Dr Perlmutter
Front Cover
I started reading this book and it explains a lot of how the changes in my moods and certain other issues I have physically could be attributed to the foods I was eating on a daily basis. It is an incredible insightful read and I am not done with it. I only wish I could convince some of those close to me to read it as well. I am astounded at the problems that gluten/wheat/grains can cause to a human. Read it my friends.
Fat Bomb! Noms!
So I am part of a Lchf group on Facebook. It's actually where I learned about this diet/way of eating. I am scrolling through the posts and I'm seeing "fat bomb" and "Bulletproof coffee" and I'm thinking to myself what the hell is that?! So yeah I googled bulletproof coffee and found that it is a coffee that has things added to it to boost your fat intake among other things. The Fat bomb is a high fat treat that also is used to boost your fat intake. I'm wondering why do you need to boost your fat. Well I didn't realize that my low fat brain isn't used to thinking fat is ok, never mind necessary, now that it is the primary source of energy my body is using now that I don't feed it carbs/sugar. I wasn't eating enough fat. Suddenly I get to eat Heavy Whipping Cream, Full fat Cream cheese, butter, Coconut oil in my daily diet. Do you know how yummy that can be without sugar?  I'm loving it! Cream Cheese Fluff was a delicious treat I enjoyed my first week on this lifestyle. 

Cream Cheese Fluff

2 pks of cream cheese
1 cup sour cream 
1tbs vanilla
Splenda 6 yellow packs (optional)
Cream together

In a seperate bowl:
1 1/2 to 2 cups Heavy whipping cream
whipped firm
Fold together and enjoy!

So damn easy to make and so yummy. I found that after tracking my food for a few days I wasn't getting in very much fat and from what I have learned I am needing in the neighborhood of 120-149g Fat daily. So I set my goals to be:
Fat 120-149g daily 70%
Protein 60-94g daily 20%
Carbs 1-40g daily 10%
The chart below will give you an idea what I did this week. keep in mind I don't necessarily count calories anymore. Today is a work in progress. Thursday you can see I was struggling to eat fat and find ways to get it in. I incorporated the Cream cheese fluff and bought Coconut oil to help and I've been doing better since. 
I am happier, I don't have blurry vision anymore, I'm eating yummy foods and I feel more satisfied with a meal then I ever have before when eating carbs/sugar. So off into the next week I go! :)

Calories:1,330 - 1,6801,2311,6101,8059791,5661,742544
Fat:120 - 149851361617413412245
Carbohydrates:1 - 406116322236344
Protein:60 - 9464836358626431
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