Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jumped back on the WW wagon!

I joined Weight Watchers again!
I have not officially joined and actively worked the weight watchers program in 6 years. I have done the program without any support or meetings on my own but to no real success. I get 2 to 3 months into my weight loss joruney and i stop for one reason or another. I made the decision to make this the last year i have this belly and i mean to acheive that goal one way or antoher. So here i am paying my dues and going to meetings for support and encouragement.
What a whole new animal. This program is entirely different in the way they figure out the points and since I'm only on day one I have yet to form an opinion on it yet. I am giving it my best shot though and trying to be diligent in watching what i am eating and making sure i keep track of it. 
So off i go!
anyway off I go on my journey once again. weighing again 228 pounds. yup I gained 20 pounds back since last weigh in. sigh! wish me luck!!

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