Monday, March 7, 2011

Can you call it gaining weight if..............

I gained .2 lbs
Yes, I said point two. So Im calling it "I stayed the same". After the first weeks 7.4 pounds and an adjustment period of getting to know the program im still ahead of the game. I did have some weak moments this week. I realize I have to be careful if I'm gonna be drinking alcohol that I have to REALLY watch what I eat. When you drink your "give a shit" goes out the window and you will pretty much talk yourself into most anything. I know I do. I did stay within my alotted points this past week but I know I could have done better with some of my choices.
The Allergy Factor
I have known for most of my life that I have certain allergies to some foods. I guess I got used to avoiding them and at the same time forgot I have allergies. I did not know that I have an allergy to Edemame. Yeah the stuff i was raving about loving a couple of blogs ago. So good and fun to eat, but I was breaking out into mild cases of hives and itching at first and it steadily got worse. I thought it was the grapes at first but one day i didnt eat anything else yet that day and i served up a good helping of Edemame and Bam! Major hives. I was a madwoman on the hunt for Benadryl. Lucky for me my coworker had some. Crazy! Secretly glad it wasnt the grapes though. I would have been seriously bummed!
January 8th to March 8th
I made it to the 8 week mark without smoking.  I was even able to go out drinking and not have one. YAY!
Anyway for most of you who follow me on FB this stuff isnt new, except the part about my gaining. I still appreciate you reading my blog and helping me through my journey! I'll keep you posted.
Going to Ren Faire this coming weekend Ill try to have some silly Picture for ya next week!!

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