Monday, May 7, 2012

Lost again!

 2 pounds
That is no small feat my friends. It seemed like I overdid it when I shouldn't have and that I didn't do enough exercise and yet the scale was kind. I am glad because some days you just want to have that certain something and you know you shouldn't, well I gave in a couple of times eating Pan Pizza for one. I have no idea why  I lost weight but I did. 
Is it really that hard to believe?
I definitely have changed my habits and I am certainly mindful of what I am doing even when I make a choice to eat something I probably shouldn't so the long term mindset is kicking in for sure. I also noticed this week that I am able to stop myself from going super overboard and that I am able to keep the portion sizes down and still feel satisfied. So even though It felt like I did bad I guess it truly is setting in to be a habit heading towards a lifestyle.  I went to a couple of parties and on all of the occasions I made sure to bring healthy choices whether it was fruit tray, veggie tray, and lite beers. That way I always had something good to choose from. I also made good choices at the bar, picking Bloody Mary's instead of dark beer or something else high in sugar or calories. I know I must have gotten in some exercise swimming around the pool playing with my friends that I did not account for I guess all in all I am thinking about things and making better decisions and that It's not impossible to believe I could lose the 2 pounds this week. I do know that it is not going to get any easier though and that I need to keep focused if I am going to reach my goal. The more weight I lose the less food I get to consume in order to lose. That means soon enough the alcohol consumption is going to have to be cut back even more. I'm OK with that. I think! ha ha ha!
Measuring up
So way back when I started this journey before I fell off the proverbial wagon, I took measurements of my arms, thighs, waist, bust and hips. I am undecided whether or not to use those as my starting point now, or just remeasure. I did those measurements when I was at my heaviest and technically that is where this journey started. I just wonder if It would just be wise to start with my measurements from now. hmmm. Any thoughts? Out with the old and in with the new? What say you? Is anybody reading this.....LOL
Until next time...............


  1. I say go with your original measurements. You've had some stops and starts, but if that was you at your heaviest you should measure from that. On a side note, I'm reding your blog! Go Judy! =)

  2. Yay someone is reading my blog! <3