Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cha cha changes!

(Isn't this pic just great maybe doesn't apply to my life totally right now but it did once and I think everyone should know that if you really want to change you should just do it! It's hard sometimes and sometimes it's fun but Change is inevitable and you may as well be the one in control of how it changes)
Life is changing for the better me thinks! 
Over the last 7 weeks I have been focused on being in Love. We have spent every waking minute together that we possibly could and it is Wonderful. Then life happens and you have to get real and make the changes necessary to make a go of the long haul together. That is if that is what you want to do, and for me and Gregg, well we do.  Adjusting our schedules, figuring out likes dislikes and needs, all that, well it's been fun. I have wanted this for a long time. I wanted it to be with someone I really loved and now I really get to do it! I'm so happy. I know mush mush but hey deal with it! Ha ha! I have never truly been in a relationship where two people worked together toward a common goal. I know right? how can that be? I just always fell into being with guys and never truly tried to make it something more. Usually we were both so messed up one way or another we never really cared and were with each other for the mere convenience of it. Sad I know. So slowly but surely we are figuring it out and it's been great. 
Eating out and drinking
has been the norm, and my weigh ins have shown that. I know I could've planned better and drank less but I didn't. so I was in a Rut and had to work out of it. I still haven't gotten back to exercizing, but I did refocus my food tracking, beer drinking and eating right efforts and it payed off. I lost 4.2lbs this week. I earned another 5lbs star from WW. This brings me to a total of -15lbs since I first started. My total could have been so much better but I'm glad to finally be at this point and not back to the bitter beginning. I shared my desires with Gregg and he too would like to see me succeed, if not join me in my efforts. So I have his support and he is trying to encourage me to go hiking with him too. I keep turning down his invitations because of the pain I suffer in my feet when I  hike. So for the immediate future I will try to find other ways to get in some exercize. It's encouraging to me though that I have his support and that of my family and friends. This I knew would be a long hard road for me, but I will make it. One way or another I will make it to my goal.
I forget!
OMG! Really Judy? I have lost, misplaced or forgotten my phone so many times in the last two months it is freakin ridiculous! So much so that my friends on Facebook are still cracking jokes about it. Then yesterday what do i do? I lost the keys to my Gas cap. sheesh! I had to have it broken off and bought a new one just to put gas in my truck for the week. I swear if my head were not attached I'd forget where it was too!
On the bright side
We have managed to work out a budget to save money for both of us. I went through the boxes I have had stored in the Garage for  about 12 years and decided to get rid of most of the books that are there. I did save some of them, but 7 boxes are going to the book exchange and I'm going to get some music or new books, or if the price is right I'll just take the cash. 

I am looking forward to doing some fun things too. I am going tubing down the Salt River this Saturday with friends. Then our SCA camping event Too Darn Hot is happening the following weekend and sometime in there I am going to go see Magic Mike with my BFF and Sister! Woo hoo for Hot Men Stripping! Then at the end of the month of July for Gregg's Birthday we are going to California to see his friend band play, The American Wake. I am really looking forward to this, and my Bff and her husband are joining us! 
I have much to be Greatful for lately and I couldn't be happier. So until next blog.......Muah! 

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  1. Love this Judy!! Kudos to you and to Gregg for his support, which is so important in a relationship!! Keep writing!