Monday, August 30, 2010

Gainfully Employed!

I Got a JOB!
Oh so no more playing around and focusong only on weight loss. I actually have to figure out a schedule for the Gym and stick to it. I was thinking that I will go on tuesday, thursday, saturday, and sunday. This way Im still doing 4 days a week and only twice during the work week.  I do have to make adjustment with the ww plan though and change my weigh in to Tuesday. This means that instead of weighing in today I'm waiting til tomorrow. I tried getting on the scale at work and I said I gained 5 pounds. I know i gained this week but not that much! I hope. I just decided instead of going through changing scales, I'm just going to switch days.
Pary time!
I went to a party with a Middle Eastern theme over the weekend and had tons of fun. This is the outfit I wore.  I enjoyed meeting lots of new people and the food was really good. I am not a huge fan of Curried dishes but I did indulge a little to taste. Most Curried dishes are made with a base of carmelized onions, not point/calorie friendly at all! They also served Tabouli, turkish delight, hummus and pita, lamb skewers and much much more. I behaved you would have been proud of me. I did enjoy some home brewed beer also.

It's Chili season! I am a native of New Mexico and a Green Chili Fanatic! It has to come from Hatch NM in order for it to be good! IMO (in my opinion) it has to be Hot as well! So every August we used to drive from Phoenix to Albuquerque or Las Vegas NM to visit family and buy Chili, but recently we havent been able to make it out there. I just happened to learn that Arriba's Mexican Grill restraunt has their chili shipped in from Hatch NM and they buy enough to sell it to the public too! So exciting and they roast it for you! Now if I cant make it to NM I go there. First thing I did with the chili is make Green Chili Stew. Easy recipie and my comfort food. The south has Grits, I have Green chili!

That's all for now my friends. I will try to keep up with my blog now that I am employed. Take care!

Accountability Statement:
I havent been to the Gym since friday due to the Job thing. Starting the new schedule this week. I am going to be going to the Gym on Thursday nights now and that just so happens to be the night of the Pure Core class. you know the one I keep talking about and never get to. The all abs workout, yikes! So I think Im gonna do it this week. As for the measurements I told you I would post after I saw Jeremy on Friday last week, well they didnt change much so no point in repeating what they were. I'll just post them next time.  


  1. Congrats on the job! Weight loss is important to us but dang...we gotta make a living too, eh?

    You're new schedule for working out sounds totally doable and if you're not totally zapped EVERY evening from working, maybe you can even fit in workouts at home from time to time, even if it's just a walk or doing exercises on a ball or using hand weights etc. For the first week or two (or three!) you maybe be exhausted from just getting back into the 9-5!

    Whatever you do, it'll be what you CAN do - that's how you'll be able to stick with it. Congrats again! :-) Maryn

  2. Maryn,

    How funny you should mention the being zapped after work I totally passed out at 630 last thursday night from exhaustion. It's been a bit of a struggle to get to the gym. I also was thinking i could do crunches on the nights i dont go to the gym. Do them while watching tv. Great minds think alike. Hey thanks for reading and commenting.