Thursday, August 12, 2010

Workin' It!

Woke up this morning and rolled over thinking to myself you should get up and go to the Gym. Never works I go back to sleep for another hour or so until I get up and make coffee. I almost never remember to set the coffee maker the night before to automatically brew, if I did I would get up a lot earlier every day.  I am sooo not a morning person!  I was thinking today that I would cut my workout short and start the PureCore workout class tonight, but when I got to the Gym and did my mile on the tredmill I said what the heck just finish your usual workout anyway your already here, YAY! Non Scale Victory (NSV) for me! It remains to be seen yet whether or not I make it to the class tonight, if not, there is one on Saturday morning I can still make it to.
Another happy thing is that the Gym found my Card that was lost with all my Stats on it so I now know where I started. This makes me very happy! :)

So here are my stats:
Start/at 1 month
Body fat %:42%/41%

So as you can see my measurements yesterday are different but I prefer to go by what the Gym has as it is someone else doing the measuring keeping me accountable.
Up to this point I am committed to going to the Gym 4 days a week, M,T,Th, F. On these days I do 20 minutes of cardio either on the tredmill or the elliptical. I'm a wouse though and it is harder to do the elliptical, so i have been opting for the tredmill quite a bit lately. I really like it though so I may only do the elliptical when Im feeling froggy. Once I finish that i go to the weight machines alternating days of arms and legs. Monday and Thursday are legs, Tuesday and Friday are arms. I had over heard one of the trainers telling a new client that if your pulling on those machines and it's not hard and doesnt make you wanna quit by the time your at your 8 or 9 count your not doing it right. So I have made it my goal to use the proper weight or to increase from 10 reps to 15. This way I know I'm actually workin out those muscles and not just going through the motions with no benefit. Then I go do these things that Jeremy wants me to do, Ball Squats. These Damn things kick my butt literally!  You start in a sitting position holding a 10 lbs. medicine ball and you stand up at the same time raising the medicine ball above your head using both hands and then back to a seated position.  Jeremy wants me to do 75, thats 3 sets of 25.....I actually do about 50, thats 3 sets of 15 with me pushing my self here and there at the end and trying to get in 1 or 2 more if i can. Now if I  have no plans on the weekends in the mornings I will sometimes go to the Gym for a bonus workout but at this point It's not part of the commitment. As I get more fit then I will add in more days to the committed ones, for now I'm happy with what im doing. I'm sore quite often but not too awful bad.
I have been going Clothes shopping with my Mommy lately to buy clothes for her Cruise. I cant tell you how excited I will be when I can walk into those same stores and not have to find the PlusSize section, you know the really small section with the limited supply of choices in the frumpy look. I will be able to walk up to some of the millions of racks of normal size clothes and have tons of choices! I cant wait!

Accountability Statement for Today:
I didnt get out of bed early enough to eat breakfast, therefore i did my workout on an empty stomach. Then I came home and jumped in the shower right away and got ready to go shopping, and left without eating. So I went almost the whole day til 3pm without eating. Not good! I have to make sure to not do this. On the plus side i still have 26 points to get me through til bedtime........hmmmm I think this calls for Cocktails!

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