Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Spirited Discussion!

Mas Tequila!
How do you drink Alcohol and lose weight?
The age old saying says it all, In moderation! Let me show you some ways to add in a cocktail or two so you dont have to miss out on ladies night or an evening with good friends.  When I gave up drugs I gave up alcohol too. Then about 3 years into my sobriety I said to hell with all this I'm not an alcoholic Im going to have a drink if I want to. I dont accept lectures about an addict to one thing an addict to all. I can live a day or two or more without a drink. When I was on Meth I'd sell whatever i could get my hands on for it always.  HUGE difference.
I drink get over it!

Let's talk about Liquors

Your average and not so average clear (for the most part can see through it) spirit is a pretty fair choice. On WW's they run you about 2 points for a shot. By clear Spirit I'm talking about Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Scotch, Whiskey, Jageremeister, Gin and such. So they are a good choice straight up or on the rocks. Say you cant do shots, or dont like them well, look for a friendly mixer. You say you like Rum and coke, Make it a Diet Coke it's still 2 pts, same goes for Whiskey and Diet Coke.  I personally Love a good Vodka and Cranberry, So I choose Cherry vodka and I mix it with Diet Cran Raspberry from Ocean Spray again 2 pts. My point is the Alcohol isn't always the worst  part of the deal when dealing with these types of Liquors. Avoid OJ, Sweetened Pineapple drinks, Milk in a drink, Any of the Foo Foo drinks like daquri's. They are Killers in calories/points.  Use Diet soda's, Diet or sugar free Juice's, Water when you want to have a drink.
So you say you like Bailiey's Irish Cream, Tequila Rose, Creme de Menthe and the like, well sorry you're just going to have to fit it in to your day there is no lighter choice for these types of Liquors. You can still have them just not a lot. Serious moderation needed with these.

 Let's have a Beer 

One of my favorites! I love beer! So it all depends on what you like here also. If you're into Domestic beer you're in luck! The average full flavor beer ie Bud, Miller, Coors, are gonna cost you 3pts a 12oz bottle. If you dont mind kicking it back to a Lite beer it will cost you 2pts a 12oz bottle. Now if your not huge on flavor and dont mind super lite beer Bud Select 55 and Miller Genuine 64 are 1 point a 12oz bottle. (if your on WW's look into using your calculator when you are counting multiple drinks of these last two beers as you know 1+1 does not always = 2) Often the choice I make at the bar has more to do with how many points/calories I Have available to me on any given day. Now if your into really dark beers and some of your more wheaty types of beers whether foreign or domestic, I am not as familiar with the points/calories for these and you will have to research them on your own. As you should with anything you choose to consume always trust yourself first when figuring out points/calories. Although I think a Guinness will run you 4 pts a 12 oz glass.  Try using CalorieKing.com and other Nutritional Info websites as your guide. Google is your friend!!

 Love Me Some Wine!

As for Wine this is a Great choice in my opinion .  4oz of Wine is 2 points doesn't matter if it's white or red. I do seriously recommend filling up your favorite wine glass with water to the normal fill point you usually pour, then pour that water into a measuring cup. It will amaze you just exactly how much wine you are actually drinking. Plus it tends to be higher in alcohol content and you dont need as much to get the edge off.

About the Margarita
I'm sorry it is my opinion that there is no real substitute for this drink that will render as good a tasting drink as the origional. There are a few mixers out there now that are Sugar Free but the consensis is they are not as good. You again will have to play with this yourself. If you are a mixologist who get's into making drinks fresh from whole food type ingredients then hey im coming to your place! No, Seriously, you might have a chance at getting a great Margarita.

In water one sees one's own face; But in wine one beholds the heart of another.
                          Cheer's My Freinds!

Accountability Statement for today: 
I was bad, I stayed home and was a complete bum. I didnt make it to the Gym. I will go tomorrow for sure though to make up for it!


  1. I can no longer drink wine after I once drank so much that I puked on my hubby (he was not my hubby at the time so bless his heart for marrying me anyway!!)

    We aren't big drinkers though. We cook with alcohol, and i'll have the occasional beer, but that's it. No cocktails, no wine, no liquors or liqueurs....I'm a seltzer drinker. Boring eh?

  2. I say were all gonna do what is best for us, and if not whats best at least we do what we want! be happy is my motto!