Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My chosen path....

          I have been overweight for 10 years now. In 2000 I weighed 145lbs. I was a full blown  iv meth addict looking to change my life. Though this blog is not about my drug addiction or my journey to freedom from drugs I felt it necessary to tell you where it all started. (I was successful and have been clean 10 years now)  So there I was in Rehab for 13 full months without cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol to fill my time. What did i do? I ATE! In that time I gained 65 lbs, and over the years have added on 25 more. There I was thinking to myself, I want to be hot, I want to be a head turner, I want men to look at me and stare. Is that so bad? I dont think so!

          Most of all I want the girl in the mirror to match the girl in my head.

          At the Beginning of June 2010 I decided it was high time I got off my Ass and did something about it. It wasnt going to happen because I wanted it to. No I was going to have to put in some effort. Since I became unemployed recently I decided I had plenty of time to focus on doing just that. My first step was to join a Gym. I chose Pure Fitness as it is close to my house and they only charge $19. a month.  I wanted to pay for it all in advance so i wouldnt have to worry about where that $19. was going to come from a few months from now. So I took the last of the money I earned and paid for the whole year in advance. Woo hoo! the Gym gave me 6 months for free. So I have no excuses for the next 1 1/2 years!!  I also get to meet with the Trainer once a month to evaluate my workout and my weight loss included in the price.

          The next step was to choose how I am going to lose the weight. We all know, or should know, Losing weight is 70% food intake and 30% workout. 70% That's a HUGE number. I know that over the last 10 years I have tried 3 different ways to lose weight. The first one I tried and had good success with is Weight Watchers, I lost 45 pounds in 2003 and gained it all back when i quit caring. The Second way I tried was South Beach Diet, I lost 40 pounds and again gained it all back when I quit caring.  I tried Low Carb failing miserably within 2 weeks because I cant Live without breads of some kind in my life. Nevermind the occasional glass of Wine,  Beer, and Pizza gotta have that! So I have chosen to go back to the tried and true that allows me to have all of the above mentioned guilty pleasures and anything else I want, Weight Watchers.

          I started this journey on June 28th with the gym sign up and started WW (Weight Watchers) the following monday. The Gym did take my measurments and all my stats on that first day but when I went to the gym this morning they had lost/misplaced my card, grrrrr. So I came home and remeasured, took before photos, and started this blog.  So as of Today 5 weeks into my weightloss journey here are my stats:

Beginning Weight~     235
Week 1 Weight~       232 /-3
Week 2 Weight~       231.5/-0.5
Week 3 Weight~       232/+0.5
Week 4 Weight~       226.8/-5.2
Week 5 Weight~       224.9/-1.9

Measurements at the one month mark:

Waist~45" (if memory serves I was at 46" when i started but i cant be positive)
Thigh~22.5" (I believe I am down an inch in both my legs and arm also)

And here is the official Before Picture!

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