Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a love/hate relationship with myself!

Arrrrrgh! Some days are just like that!
How was your weekend everybody? Mine was mostly good and then it turned bad. Fault lying with myself. You know when you do something and you have a lightbulb go off saying you idiot why did you do that? and then you have to do damage control to fix it. Yup that was me. Cant go back and change it just have to go forward. Then of course there is always one person you know that has to knock you down further by pointing out your mistakes again making you feel even more stupid, when your at an all time low already. sigh!
Forgive and Forget, Right!?
Who yourself or the other person? Both silly! otherwise it will fester and blow up into something humongus and stupid. So here i am trying to get through the day and let it all go. Pay attention to the here and now and let the past be past.
On a wonderful note, I lost 3 pounds! Woo Hoo! total now is 14.6 in 7 weeks!
Awesome stuff that is! It's getting kind of hard to manage buying all the foods I like on this budget of no money but were scraping by. I've kicked into the job hunting a little more seriously this week too. Not having money to buy the things I need nevermind the wants, really sucks! I have an SCA event coming up and I want to be able to afford to go to it. So the Job hunting must commence and the money saving also if in case the Job doesnt come through. This means my social life will be very little in the next month or two. Lucky for me I go to the Gym as often as I do it really helps keep the stress levels at bay.
I have really appreciated the support of my family and friends of late. If it weren't for all of you cheering me on, I would probably have not done quite so well. I have said hello to a new friend and good bye to another. They come and go in our lives so quickly sometimes but you have to cherish and enjoy them while you have them. Man, am I rambling or what? LOL
I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will be getting together with the trainer hopefully friday to reevaluate my workout and measure. I will definatly keep you posted on my progress!

Accountability statement:
Didnt go to the gym on monday, due to having to go to the bank, social security, police station and calling all the credit bureau's to put fraud alerts, to secure my identity to me once again. As well as i possibly could anyway. Went today though and did a good workout on the Elliptical and upper body weights. Will go tomorrow to make up for monday. Trying to plan my food better for the weekend as I have a party on Saturday and have no idea if food is going to be served or what kind. It is middle eastern themed so we'll see. May have to save all my weekly points for saturday.

Have a good week, I'll talk to you soon!


  1. Hi Judy, I just found your blog through the WW community boards and I'm really enjoying reading it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Tracy, and nice to meet you!

  3. Hi Judy! Just got caught up on your blogs and became a follower - fun to read your thoughts and views - many which are like mine. Speaking of being alike, you'd posted a reply to my thread (on WW newbies welcome) after my last weigh (Th) and it was fun to know that our journey's are pretty similar! So, it'll be fun to have another pal whom I can check in with. Reading your blog is a fun way to do that, for sure. I also have a blog on blogspot - mostly food-related (some chat and arts-n-crafts as well). Not many in the calorie-friendly zone, though there are a few. I stated mine a couple of years ago though...when I ate anything and everything. ;-) I had to take a break, but recently came back and I know I'll be posting more figure-friendly recipes along with the fun, "only to be eaten occasionly" treats. Anyhoo...nice to get to know you a little better through your writings! Continued success on your blog! Maryn

  4. Thanks Maryn I'm glad you enjoy it! You should post the link to your blog for me so i can read it too.
    gosh i love making new friends!!

  5. Happy to - although remember.....A lot of the fod is 'bad' so if you're craving cheese, carbs and sweets etc....turn away! LOL :-) My site is at www.pinch-o-this.blogspot.com Hope you enjoy it!

    FYI - just to hook me with my WW name...over there I'm 'minnysmom' ;-)